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  1. extend your lease
    • Do you need more time?
      • If you need more time to get the Subaru vehicle you want, or you're not sure if you want to purchase or turn-in your current vehicle, you may be eligible to extend your lease.
      • Keep in mind that you can only extend your lease for 6 months, if you qualify. If you want to turn your vehicle in before that 6 months is up, you can do so without incurring any early termination charge.
      • Continue making your payments during the extension term. If you have automatic payments set up, please review them as they may not automatically continue. For questions about automatic payments, call us at 1-866-401-9743.
    • Ready to extend your lease?
      • To request a one-time 6-month extension on your current lease, send us a secure message at chase.com or contact us to see if you qualify.1
      • You must be current on your lease payments and not subject to any bankruptcy or repossession proceedings.
      • Once the 6-month extension is over, you can either return your vehicle or purchase it. Mileage is pro-rated for each month.
      • If you purchased any additional products with your lease, like extended warranties on the vehicle, tires, etc, they won’t extend with your lease.

Additional lease-end options

Get a new subaru

Get a new subaru

Learn what you need to know to purchase or lease a new Subaru that fits your needs.

See options
Return your current Subaru

Return your current Subaru

If you’re getting close to the end of your lease, or not at the end of your lease but ready for a new vehicle, find out how to return your Subaru. If turning in your vehicle before the end of your lease, make sure you understand the financial impact of early turn-in. Review our timeline so you can have a successful turn-in experience.

How to return your Subaru
Purchase your Current Subaru

Purchase your Current Subaru

If you love your current vehicle and want to keep it, you have the option to purchase it.

How to purchase your Subaru


1 Only one six-month lease term extension is permitted for the duration of your lease.