Wear and use guide

As you get to the end of your lease, we want to help you make your turn-in as simple as possible. There are many different types of damage you could be charged for when you return your vehicle, including:

  • Exterior
    • Any scratches, dents or dings that are larger than a credit card
    • More than three scratches, dents or dings per vehicle panel that are smaller than a credit card
  • Glass
    • Any glass damage
  • Tire
    • Tire tread that is less than 1/8th of an inch deep at the lowest point
    • Any tire damage
  • Interior
    • Any interior damage
  • Missing items
    • Missing keys, manuals, cargo covers or any other items that came with the vehicle when you leased it

If you think your vehicle has any of the listed damage, you can schedule a pre-inspection online or contact us to make an appointment. Once you get a pre-inspection, you’ll have the opportunity to make repairs, which may reduce your lease-end charges. Keep in mind that a pre-inspection is optional.

You can review our Return your Subaru page for a timeline that will help you navigate the turn-in process.

Additional lease-end options

Return your current Subaru

get a new subaru

Learn what you need to know to purchase or lease a Subaru.

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Early turn-in, Purchase or Extend

early turn-in, purchase or extend

If you’re not ready to purchase or lease a new Subaru, you have options: Purchase your current Subaru or extend your lease. If you’re not at the end of your lease, but you’re ready for a new vehicle, make sure you understand the financial impact of early turn-in.

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